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Red or Blue? Square or Round? Up or Down?
A/B Test Everything.

Create and A/B test different versions of your website to continuously discover the best performing versions that improve your conversions.

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image of the core report metrics tracked during a/b testing using VWO Testing

Set up your A/B tests precisely the way you want to

VWO Testing gives you powerful options to set up your tests exactly the way you want to, so that you can experiment at scale.

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Run multiple tests at the same time

Run multiple tests on your page with exclusive traffic allocation to each of them so your test results have no interference from each other.

Laser Icon

Laser target your tests

Run tests based on visitor’s on-site behavior including click on an element, time spent on page, page scroll and exit intent.

Powerful editor for marketers and developers

illustration of making changes in VWO Visual Editor

Visual Editor

Quickly make changes to your landing pages without writing any code using VWO’s point-and click Visual Editor. Edit any existing element on your webpage or introduce new content. Get copy recommendations and make elements dynamic. With Visual Editor, you don’t need to depend on the IT team’s availability to get pages modified for A/B testing.

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snapshot of the code editor in VWO Testing

Code Editor

Your IT team can now make complex changes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery in the advanced Code Editor. You can easily include JS/CSS libraries and define the campaign-level JS/CSS to build complex and sophisticated A/B tests.

Launch tests with ready-to-use custom widgets

Use customizable out-of-the-box widgets in-built in the Visual Editor. Quickly add and test banners, modals, forms, timers, and more to determine what leads to an improvement in your key metrics. All of this without writing a single line of code.

Test your hypotheses

Begin A/B testing by connecting your tests to your defined hypothesis and linking it back to all the research done in the process. Hypotheses contain an indication of your expectations from the test. By connecting tests with hypotheses, you can see later whether the actual test results were in line with your expectations.

connect your hypotheses to testing pipeline in VWO Testing

Analyze your campaign performance

Pay close attention to how your A/B tests are performing with VWO’s advanced reporting capabilities.

analyze your a/b testing campaign performance in VWO Testing


SmartStats gives you intelligent results to make smart business decisions and reduces your testing time. It is a Bayesian-powered statistics engine built for marketers who need to make decisions based on business realities, not scientists who work in perfect lab conditions.

Improvement & Probability to be best

See the improvement in conversion rate a variation has brought and what is its probability to be the best performing variation.

a snapshot of the reporting dashboard of A/B Testing in VWO Testing

Conversion rate range

Instead of reporting the number of conversions as a percentage, SmartStats calculates, with 99% probability, the precise range in which your conversion rate lies.

declaration of the A/B test results in VWO Testing

Track impact across funnel

Track multiple metrics for an A/B test to measure its impact across the entire funnel and make informed business decisions.

Customizable reports

If your data science colleagues need more details, they can have it all. Absolute potential loss, probability curve graphs, detailed calculation reports, and more.

visitor segmentation icon

Detailed segmentation

Slice and dice your test results to uncover hidden winners. Find out if a specific segment of your visitors converted drastically different than the average case for a specific goal or variation.

You can use VWO's 20 pre-built segments like mobile vs. desktop traffic or new vs. returning visitors, or use custom dimensions to compare the conversion of logged in visitors vs. guests or visitors who saw a promotion vs. those who didn’t.

Connect behavioral insights with tests

VWO’s connected platform offers the unique capability of connecting insights from actual visitor behaviors with test data and results.

connect behavioral insights with VWO testing

Integrated heatmaps

VWO automatically records heatmaps and clickmaps for visitors becoming a part of your tests. Along with the conversion data for your control and variation, you can visually see what parts of your landing page were more interesting for visitors who converted on the variation.

Visitor recordings

Want to see how differences in the control and variation impact the way visitors interact with your landing page? VWO lets you filter actual recordings of visitors who saw the control and compare these with the ones who saw the variation to spot changes in the behavior.

(VWO Insights Subscription Required )

Verify what your visitors see

Preview and QA the control and variations of your A/B tests before you make these live for your visitors.

live preview for ab testing image

Live previews

Live previews allow you to simulate the variation by loading the variation as it would load for actual website visitors in their browsers. You can verify variations targeted to unique audience sets, see if your traffic allocation is working as expected.

VWO cross browser testing image

Cross-browser/Cross-device testing

See live previews of your variations on desktop, mobile, tablet devices, and on different types of web browsers to ensure that all your visitors get the perfect experience on your website.

VWO cross domain testing image

Previewing screenshots

See a static version of control and variation on different browsers. You can group these screenshots by variations or browsers, based on your preference.

VWO Testing has a lot more to offer

smart notifications icon

Smart notifications

Smart notifications give you a quick overview of your test. You can see if a variation resulted in a smart decision, recommended action for your test, and how long you need to run this test.

cross device icon

Device-specific campaigns

Run your tests with visitors coming from desktop, mobile, or any tablet device.

domain icon

Cross-domain testing

Run your A/B tests across domains and capture all the data in a single test.

test schedule icon


VWO lets you schedule your A/B test campaigns to start at a later date or time, matching with your unique preferences.

download icon

Download reports

Download your test data in the .csv format for offline analysis. Share it with your colleagues for an in-depth analysis of your tests.

integration icon

Integrate with third-party apps

VWO integrates with a host of third-party applications including Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Demandware, Magento, and others. See the complete list of integrations here.

Laser Icon

Laser-targeted segments

Use VWO’s visitor segmentation to specify which group of visitors sees the variation. You can choose from VWO’s 20 predefined segments like new versus returning visitors, browser, and query parameters, or build your own custom segments using complex logic conditions.

test goal icon

Always-on goals

You can pick a goal from your always-on list to measure in an A/B test. In addition to the direct impact of the A/B test on your Goal performance, this also helps you understand how conversions for a specific Goal are impacted by a series of A/B tests.

test campaign icon

Campaign-specific goals

Want to optimize a goal specific to this A/B test? Define a new goal while creating an A/B test, and VWO will analyze how your test impacts the performance of this goal.

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