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Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications for Desktop and Mobile

Engage lost visitors and drive them back to your website with personalized notifications they will love.

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an illustration of web push notifications on desktop and mobile

Nudge your subscribers further in the buyer’s journey with triggered campaigns

Create an automated series of messages that are triggered by your visitors’ real-time website behavior to nudge them ahead in the buyer’s journey. Convert abandoned carts into sales, impress new users with an effective onboarding campaign, and lots more.

Choose your target audience

You can send triggered notifications to your entire subscriber base, or define a custom target audience based on different properties and actions that they perform on your website.

a GIF showing how to setup a Custom Audience for a push notification campaign

Define entry trigger conditions based on pages visited or elements clicked

This is the entry point for anyone becoming a part of your campaign. Based on the pages visited by the user or a particular CSS element clicked, which includes any link or button on the website, you can define who is qualified to receive your series of notifications. Set down as many conditions you desire to create entry triggers for your subscribers.

Push Notification Entry Trigger Filter GIF

Define exit triggers to measure campaign effectiveness

Create predefined goals that can act as exit points for your closed campaign. Whenever your subscribers achieve the set goal, i.e., completing the desired action or clicking on an element or filling out a form on your landing page, they will automatically opt-out of the campaign. You can measure the effectiveness of your triggered campaign based on the conversion rate.

Push Notification Goal Element Clicked GIF

Queue up your notifications

Craft a seamless buyer’s journey by queuing a series of notifications with the message you wish to convey. Schedule to send them after a specified time delay once the subscribers enter the campaign. Add as many notifications you want in the series.

Push Notification Schedule GIF

Track each campaign with in-depth reporting

Assess the performance of each campaign straight from your dashboard.

  • How many subscribers entered the campaign?
  • What was the conversion rate?
  • What was the clickthrough rate?
  • Which campaign has the highest ROI?
Push Notification Advanced Reporting GIF

Send targeted push notifications by segmenting your audience

Segment your audience based on their attributes such as location and device type, or their website activities such as pages visited and products viewed. Craft push notifications that don’t shell out all information, instead build curiosity. Our customers have seen up to 60% higher click rates with targeted push notifications.

Segmentation based on page visits

The easiest way to find out your user’s intent is through their site behavior. Categorize them based on various actions performed during a page visit, to deliver personalized messages. Segment them based on the page URL they visit, the referring URL, referral types, query parameter, and much more.

Push Notification Page Visited Filter GIF

Segmentation based on element clicked

Curious to know how your subscribers are interacting with your landing pages? Just segment them based on the clicked element. This helps in categorizing them based on different click events, especially for instances like cart abandonment or engagement with specific CTA buttons.

Element Clicked Setup GIF

Segmentation based on subscriber properties

Segment your subscribers based on their operating system, platform, browser, or user-agent. This makes it easier to identify the correct fit for your business goals.

Push Notification OS Filter GIF

Segmentation based on geolocation

Planning a special campaign for specific geo-location? Make your task easier by segmenting your audience based on specific countries, and even further by region. It’s easy to include or exclude any country or region, based on your business requirement.

Push Notification Geolocation Filter GIF

JavaScript/API and cookie-based segmentation

You can also create your own customized segmentation based on the JavaScript (JS) variables in your code. Not just that, you can also manage it based on the cookie key and value pair stored by your website on the user’s browser.

Setting Cookie Value GIF
hyper-personalized push notifications using VWO engage

Engage with your customers with hyper-personalized push notifications

Drive higher clicks and conversions by making your push notifications more personal. Send customized push notifications to your subscribers that address them with their name, previous purchase history, favorite brand, and much more.

Entice your subscribers, and dramatically increase CTR with rich push notifications

Add big images, emojis, and engaging CTAs to your push notifications. Craft precise and highly targeted communication for different segments like power users, window shoppers, disengaged visitors, drop-offs, etc.

Make your notifications stand out with big images

Images add more context and help your notifications stand out. 53.1% of subscribers said that they love receiving push notifications with big images.

Push Notification Example

Un🔒 engagement and growth with emojis

Emojis are not just relatable and fun but also significantly impact user engagement, especially with millennials. 70.3% of subscribers claim that they enjoy receiving push notifications with emojis.

Win the ❤️s and 💸 of your subscribers by adding emojis to your push notifications.

Facebook Messenger Notification for Shopping

Add compelling CTA buttons

You can increase the click-through rate of your push notifications even further with compelling CTA buttons. You can have 2 buttons that can direct your subscribers to separate pages with their own tracking URLs.

Push Notification CTA

Grow your subscribers with custom opt-in

Understand how your users interact with your website and trigger your opt-in message at the right moment to increase subscribers. You can also customize your opt-in text, the page you want it to be displayed on, the amount of time you want it to appear, and the background color. You can also show it as a chicklet.

Push Notification Grow Subscribers

Find the winning variation with A/B testing

Rapidly test different push notification variations and send the winning version to all your subscribers. No coding required.

You can test elements such as headline, CTA button, images, emojis etc. and see which works better with your audience. You’ll get detailed reports on what’s working and what’s not to learn from and optimize for your next campaign.

A/B test your push notifications to improve conversions

Deliver great experiences. Grow faster, starting today.

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