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Media Contour uses split URL testing to improve the revenue from product pages

15.63% Conversion

About Media Contour

Media Contour is a Dallas-based digital agency that offers digital marketing, and conversion rate optimization services. Their business goal is to ensure that their collaboration with clients and the results they deliver maximize traffic and sales. To achieve this goal, they put their creative zeal and passion for excellence into building cutting-edge strategies.

The team uses VWO to analyze visitor behavior and run experiments on clients’ websites so that they only ship designs that are proven to convert traffic as backed by real data.  



VWOs integrated heat/clickmaps and reporting make it extremely easy for us to convey a clear message of success to our clients.

Benjamin Dandurand

Benjamin Dandurand

Operations Manager
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In this case study, we discuss a recent successful experiment that the Media Contour team ran for their client – Life Pro Fitness. 


The team used VWO heatmaps, clickmaps, and session recordings to determine user pain points. A heuristic analysis helped them determine the areas for big wins. 

The team backed this with a competitive industry analysis to determine how much ground they needed to cover to hit a realistic and attainable conversion rate. Lastly, funnel drop-off analysis helped them determine where to focus their changes.

Based on this, they decided that there was scope to improve the revenue per visitor generated from the product detail pages on their client’s website.


The Media Contour team observed that visitors to the Life Pro Fitness website were having to search for useful information needed to convert. Hence they decided to move all this information above the fold and reduced the number of CTAs to nudge the visitors to take specific actions.

Tests run

The team hypothesized that moving important information about the product and CTAs to the first fold will improve the conversions on the product details pages. 

Based on this, the following were the main changes tested on the page:

  1. Additional product images were moved from below the main image and placed vertically beside the image so that they were visible without a scroll. 
  2. The product description, which included key features, was moved to the first fold of the page.
  3. The Add-to-cart and Buy now CTAs were placed clearly in the first fold of the page. 

This is how the control and variation looked as the test was run:

Media Contour Control and Variation

VWO heatmaps for the control and variation showed that visitors that viewed the variation had higher engagement than those who viewed the original design or the control. (Heatmaps use colors to indicate the intensity of visitor engagement on different sections of a page; warm colors like red and yellow show higher engagement and cool colors like green show lower engagement.)

This is how the heatmaps looked:

Media Contour Control and Variation Heatmaps

Variation 1 was declared a smart winner with an improvement of 15.63% in conversion rate in a matter of 27 days. The team tracked the improvement in revenue using VWO during the test and fetched an uplift of $0.67 per visitor. 

Goal 1

This brought the expected total revenue from $76,841 to $88,698.

Control and Variation performance via VWO reporting dashboard


The team documented the learnings from this test; this included the importance of determining the right number of CTAs on PDPs and finding out what information is crucial for users before they make a conversion. Making this information easy to find (or above the fold) was extremely useful for the team to successfully conclude this experiment. 

Take an all-inclusive free trial with VWO to understand how you can easily run tests and amplify the power of experimentation with integrated heatmaps and other visitor behavior analysis tools. 

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Dallas, United States



Experiment goals

Improve user engagement and conversion on product pages


15.63% increase in Conversion

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